Zest.releaser originated at Zest software so there are some assumptions build-in that might or might not fit you. Lots of people are using it in various companies and open source projects, so it’ll probably fit :-)

  • If you are using svn, your svn is structured with /trunk, /tags (or /tag) and optionally /branches (or /branch). Both a /trunk or a /branches/something checkout is ok.

  • There’s a version.txt or in your project. The version.txt has a single line with the version number (newline optional). The should have a single version = '0.3' line somewhere. You can also have it in the actual setup() call, on its own line still, as `` version = ‘0.3’,``. Indentation and the comma are preserved. If you need something special, you can always do a version=version and put the actual version statement in a zest.releaser-friendly format near the top of the file. Reading (in Plone products) a version.txt into works great, too.

  • The history/changes file restriction is probably the most severe at the moment. zest.releaser searches for a restructuredtext header with parenthesis. So something like:

    Changelog for xyz
    0.3 (unreleased)
    - Did something
    0.2 (1972-12-25)
    - Reinout was born.

    That’s just the style we started with. Pretty clear and useful.

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